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The Everest Package: Whole Life Insurance + Funeral Concierge Service

Underwritten by IA American

Whole Life Insurance

Underwritten by IA American

Whole Life Insurance is coverage you can keep for a lifetime, without your monthly premiums ever increasing regardless of advancing age or declining health. Guaranteed Acceptance coverage available. Apply up to age 85.

Policy Types
  • Immediate Death Benefit
  • Return of Premium Death Benefit
  • Up to Age 85
  • $5,000 – $35,000
Easy to Apply
  • Simple application
  • No medical exam
  • Point-of-sale medical telephone interview
48-Hour Payout*
  • The proceeds of your life insurance may be paid to your beneficiary in as little as 48 hours after death, making the funds quickly available to cover funeral-related or any other expenses.

* Not available during the contestability period defined as the first two policy years.

30 Day Free Look

The Owner may return the policy to the IA American Office for any reason within 30 days of the date of issue. The policy will then be void from its beginning and any premium paid will be refunded. Details are included in the policy document.


Funeral Concierge Service

Independent Expert Assistance

We guide families through a very emotional, complicated and confusing time in their lives. Our 24/7 Funeral Planning Advisors negotiate best prices, personalize the funeral plan, obtain proceeds from life insurance, and more.

  • 24/7 Advisor Assistance
  • Online Planning and Storage Tools
  • Will Prep™ – simple will and estate documents created and stored online
  • Tenzing™ – secure, online document storage vault
  • PriceFinder™ Research Reports
  • 10-Key Decisions and My Wishes Planning Guides and More