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Everest Funeral Concierge offers a suite of planning and management services, combined with industry-leading tools that help control costs, rapidly secure insurance proceeds, and make sure the process goes smoothly.


Expert Advisors 24/7

Empowering you to make informed funeral related decisions

Everest provides 24/7 assistance throughout the funeral process and empowers families to make well-thought-out decisions by providing pricing information in an easy-to-understand format and presenting all service and merchandise options that are available.

As an independent consumer advocate, Everest is not associated with any funeral home or funeral provider and does not profit from any of the family’s decisions.

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Money in as little as 2 days*

Life Insurance to help pay for funeral costs

The proceeds of your life insurance policy may be paid to your beneficiary in as little as two business days after death. The money may then be used to pay funeral or cremation costs or any other expenses.

Note: Some insurance policies contain a 2-year contestability period, which may prevent the insurance payout from being expedited.

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Peace of Mind

Online tools to help with funeral and estate planning

As an independent consumer advocate, Everest provides peace of mind and confidence when making difficult financial and emotional decisions.

In addition to 24/7 Advisor assistance, Everest also provides a suite of online planning tools which help a family organize and communicate their wishes. Online tools include: