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Planning Funeral Arrangements – Active Adult Summer, 2004

It’s a little known fact while planning funeral arrangements: the third most expensive purchase most Canadians will make, after their houses and their cars, is their funeral. The average cost of a funeral, plus cremation or burial, is estimated to be between $5,000 and $10,000. And most funeral providers require payment in full at the time the arrangements are made.

Unless you have preplanned your funeral, or purchased funeral coverage from a reputable company, the whole purchasing decision is likely to be made within two hours of your family’s visit to a funeral home.

There are a number of options you can choose to plan in advance for your funeral. All are designed to save your family money, time, and some potentially painful decision-making at the time of your death. But only one option offers you and your family a knowledgeable expert working exclusively for you.

An Everest funeral package enables you to start planning funeral arrangements and expenses. You simply pay an affordable monthly premium or one lump sum. But Everest does more than disburse monies to your beneficiaries at the time of death. It provides a truly unique service: an independent, professionally-trained personal adviser whom you and your family can call at any time for any needs relating to your funeral arrangements.

Using a comprehensive planning kit, an Everest advisor can work with you, if you choose, to ensure all of your wishes are documented for your family. At the time of death, an Everest adviser is specifically assigned to your family. This individual acts as an advocate for your family, providing support, counsel, advice and information. He or she helps ensure your family receives good value for the money you have paid.

For family members who live hundreds or thousands of kilometres apart, clear communication can be especially important at a time of loss. The Everest advisor can also arrange a conference call so family and friends, wherever they live, can participate in funeral planning, sharing information and ideas, and receiving advice about what needs to be done.

Everest advisors undergo extensive training to respond to planning funeral arrangement concerns or questions your family may have in a way that will help address their needs, and your wishes, at what is often a very stressful and emotional time.

The Everest advisor works only in the interests of you and your family – and not in the interests of any funeral provider. Many of your concerns about your family’s well-being around the time of your death can be dealt with sensitively, confidentially and professionally. An Everest adviser can be involved as little or as much as the family wants. He or she can help save your family unnecessary expenses, and provide advice about making some of the difficult decisions regarding funeral, cremation or burial arrangements.

The Everest funeral package and adviser service is unique. If you are concerned about what will happen in the days immediately following your death, or about how to pay for one of life’s larger expenses, services such as the Everest package may be right for you and your family.

The Everest package is recommended by CARP – Canada’s Association for the 50-Plus – the leading national non-profit organization representing individuals over the age of 50.

For more information, visit www.everestfuneral.ca or call toll-free at 1-866-400-4944.

By Adrienne Snow