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THE WEEK February 13, 2004

With 5,000 Americans dying every day without pre paid funeral planning, the industry has unlimited growth potential, said Robert Powell in CBSmarketwatch.com.

The new Everest Funeral Package provides a “qualified death-planning expert,” along with $10,000 life-insurance policies. Have peace of mind knowing our team is invested in our policy holders well-being during the painful process of planning a funeral.

Everest staffers help policyholders plan their funerals before it’s too late – at an average monthly premium of $62 for 65-year-olds, insurance included. Pre paid funeral planning is an excellent choice for people to take in todays world. Everest Funeral Concierge makes a difficult situation less stressful for the family members involved.

The company now operates only in Canada, but plans to launch the program in the U.S. this year. Even better, save money by answering key questions yourself. Burial or cremation? Visitation or no visitation? Funeral service or no funeral service?

Finally, undertake your own “consultation work: What do your family members want?”

Carolyn Kremins
Group Publisher

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