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Everest Funeral Concierge

Simple. Trusted. Worldwide.

Everest is a funeral concierge service rolled up into a life insurance plan. More than 25 million people across the U.S. and Canada are covered by Everest. When help is needed we are one call away. We are there to guide families through a very emotional, complicated and confusing time in their lives. Our 24/7 Advisors negotiate best prices, personalize the funeral plan, and work with the beneficiary to obtain the proceeds from the life insurance policy in as little as 48 hours after death, standing by ready to assist every step of the way.

Everest has combined on-demand, personalized service, technology and consumer advocacy to revolutionize traditional funeral planning.

Our History

In 2001, a group of funeral industry professionals, led by Mark Duffey, embarked with a vision to create the first nationwide funeral planning and concierge service. Everest, the first company of its kind, set out to simplify and streamline the funeral planning process by offering comprehensive end-of-life planning services, both as an advance planning option, and at the time of need.

Today, millions of people throughout the U.S. and Canada have access to Everest’s comprehensive end-of-life planning services. With a team of highly-trained, knowledgeable Advisors who are available 24 x 7, Everest works with its clients and their families to help guide them through the most informed decisions about all funeral-related issues and then put those wishes into action.

Everest is headquartered in Houston, Texas with operating centers located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Houston, Texas and Toronto, Ontario. Learn more about adding Everest as an employee benefit by visiting our Working with Everest page.